Fundamentals of Financial Wellness

Financial literacy is not taught in school, but it is critical for life. This class is a roadmap for planning your present and building your future. The free course book starts with budgeting to cover your immediate needs, explains ways to protect your loved ones, build your emergency fund, manage debt, and finally explore strategies for investing for the long-term. While the material taught in this class will be beneficial to everyone, the younger you are, the more you will profit, literally. Learn about the “Rule of 72” and a variety of investment options and why you need at least two investment vehicles. Adrian Brown started investing in real estate at age 19. He helps people get their money “working” for them. As a former Transamerica financial advisor, he has direct knowledge on how various investments work and can pull back the curtain to make sure you know what you are getting.

Dates:September 9, 2021 Check for other dates
Meets:One Thu., 6:30-9PM 09/09 (MT)
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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