Graphic Design and Photo Editing

Currently Scheduled

Adobe Photoshop Elements 1302/27/1802/27/18One Tue., 9AM-4PM 02/27159.00
Adobe Photoshop Elements 1304/04/1804/04/18One Wed., 9AM-4PM 04/04159.00
Adobe Photoshop CC04/16/1804/17/18One Mon. & One Tue., 9AM-4PM Begins 04/16459.00
Adobe Illustrator CC03/06/1803/07/18One Tue. & One Wed., 9AM-4PM Begins 03/06459.00
Adobe InDesign CC03/20/1803/21/18One Tue. & One Wed., 9AM-4PM Begins 03/20459.00
Adobe InDesign CC04/30/1805/01/18One Mon. & One Tue., 9AM-4PM Begins 04/30459.00
Adobe Lightroom03/14/1803/14/18One Wed., 9AM-4PM 03/14174.00
Adobe Lightroom04/24/1804/24/18One Tue., 9AM-4PM 04/24174.00
Adobe Acrobat XI Pro02/21/1802/21/18One Wed., 9AM-4PM 02/21164.00
Adobe Acrobat XI Pro04/26/1804/26/18One Thu., 9AM-4PM 04/26164.00

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