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Mixed-Media Canvas: The Art of Layering03/10/1803/10/18One Sat., 1:30-4PM 03/1046.00
Mixed-Media Canvas: The Art of Layering04/14/1804/14/18One Sat., 1:30-4PM 04/1446.00
Art Journaling for Beginners: Pages in Stages02/24/1802/24/18One Sat., 1:30-4:30PM 02/2451.00
Art Journaling for Beginners: Pages in Stages03/24/1803/24/18One Sat., 1:30-4:30PM 03/2451.00
Art Journaling for Beginners: Pages in Stages04/28/1804/28/18One Sat., 1:30-4:30PM 04/2851.00
Handmade Journals & Memory Books03/11/1803/11/18One Sun., 10AM-4PM 03/1171.00
Handmade Journals & Memory Books04/07/1804/07/18One Sat., 10AM-4PM 04/0771.00
Handmade Journals & Memory Books05/26/1805/26/18One Sat., 10AM-4PM 05/2671.00
Herbal Soap-Making Workshop Full02/24/1802/24/18One Sat., 10AM-4PM 02/2467.00
Chalk Paint® Furniture Refinishing: Make Over Your Treasures in a Snap!02/24/1802/24/18One Sat., 9-11AM 02/2487.00
Let's Take Some Pictures! Understanding Your DSLR Camera Functions02/28/1802/28/18One Wed., 6-9PM 02/2867.00
Let's Take Some Pictures! Understanding Your DSLR Camera Functions04/09/1804/09/18One Mon., 6-9PM 04/0967.00
Basic Sewing Made Fun & Easy Full03/03/1804/07/18Six Sat., 9-11AM Begins 03/03156.00
Basic Sewing Made Fun & Easy03/05/1804/09/18Six Mon., 6:30-8:30PM Begins 03/05156.00
Introduction to Origami02/21/1802/21/18One Wed., 6-9PM 02/2146.00
Introduction to Origami03/25/1803/25/18One Sun., 1-4PM 03/2546.00
Introduction to Origami04/30/1804/30/18One Mon., 6-9PM 04/3046.00
Sketching with Oils: Get Started Painting the Easy Way03/04/1803/04/18One Sun., 1-5PM 03/0491.00
Sketching with Oils: Get Started Painting the Easy Way05/13/1805/13/18One Sun., 1-5PM 05/1391.00
No Fear Acrylics03/03/1803/03/18One Sat., 1-5PM 03/0356.00
No Fear Acrylics05/06/1805/06/18One Sun., 1-5PM 05/0656.00
Tree of Life Pendant: Intro to Wire Wrapping Full02/24/1802/24/18One Sat., 9-11:30AM 02/2446.00
Mandala Dot Painting03/03/1803/03/18One Sat., 9-11:30AM 03/0346.00
Mandala Dot Painting04/07/1804/07/18One Sat., 9AM-12N 04/0746.00
Mandala Dot Painting05/05/1805/05/18One Sat., 9AM-12N 05/0546.00
Intermediate Drawing Workshop04/08/1804/15/18Two Sun., 1-5PM Begins 04/08110.00
Basic Drawing: Drawing as Seeing03/17/1804/14/18Four Sat., 1-3:30PM Begins 03/17; Skips 3/31110.00
Basic Drawing: Drawing as Seeing05/12/1806/09/18Four Sat., 1-3:30PM Begins 05/12; Skips 5/26110.00
Experience the Wonder of Indian Folk Art with Gond Painting04/07/1804/14/18Two Sat., 1-4PM Begins 04/0781.00
Discover Indian Folk Art with Warli Painting03/17/1803/17/18One Sat., 12:30-4:30PM 03/1764.00
Discover Indian Folk Art with Warli Painting05/12/1805/12/18One Sat., 12:30-4:30PM 05/1264.00
Crafting Furniture: Woodworking Basics03/10/1803/11/18One Sat. & One Sun., 9AM-1PM 3/10 & 3/11 (table)114.00
Crafting Furniture: Woodworking Basics04/07/1804/08/18One Sat. & One Sun., 9AM-1PM 4/7 & 4/8 (bookcase)114.00
Crafting Furniture: Woodworking Basics05/26/1805/27/18One Sat. & One Sun., 9AM-1PM 5/26 & 5/27 (table)114.00
Beginning Artistic Metal Welding03/08/1803/08/18One Thu., 5:30-9:30PM 03/08172.00
Beginning Artistic Metal Welding03/10/1803/10/18One Sat., 10AM-2PM 03/10172.00
Beginning Artistic Metal Welding Full03/11/1803/11/18One Sun., 10AM-2PM 03/11172.00
Beginning Artistic Metal Welding04/12/1804/12/18One Thu., 5:30-9:30PM 04/12172.00
Beginning Artistic Metal Welding04/14/1804/14/18One Sat., 10AM-2PM 04/14172.00
Beginning Artistic Metal Welding04/15/1804/15/18One Sun., 10AM-2PM 04/15172.00
Beginning Artistic Metal Welding05/10/1805/10/18One Thu., 5:30-9:30PM 05/10172.00
Beginning Artistic Metal Welding05/12/1805/12/18One Sat., 10AM-2PM 05/12172.00
Beginning Colored Pencil Techniques03/04/1803/04/18One Sun., 10AM-4PM 03/0466.00
Beginning Colored Pencil Techniques05/05/1805/05/18One Sat., 10AM-4PM 05/0566.00
Use Painting to Access Your Creativity: It’s Not the Product, But the Process03/18/1803/18/18One Sun., 1-3PM 03/1846.00
Use Painting to Access Your Creativity: It’s Not the Product, But the Process04/11/1804/11/18One Wed., 6:30-8:30PM 04/1146.00
Use Painting to Access Your Creativity: It’s Not the Product, But the Process05/20/1805/20/18One Sun., 1-3PM 05/2046.00
Designing and Illustrating Children’s Picture Books03/03/1803/24/18Four Sat., 1-3PM Begins 03/03141.00

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