Spanish 1: Book 1, Part 1

Start here if you have little to no prior experience with Spanish. During the first class learn greetings, the alphabet, and the basic understanding of pronunciation. In week 2, study agreement between gender (masculine/feminine) and numbers (singular/plural) of nouns and adjectives. During weeks 3-5 learn the verb to be (ser and estar), the verb to have (tener), along with a steady increase of vocabulary to form sentences. By the end of Spanish 1 you will be able to introduce yourself and communicate some basic ideas (i.e., where you are from, your occupation, descriptions of people, objects, places, and where things are located).

Dates:February 12 - March 12, 2019 Check for other dates
Meets:Five Tue., 6-7:25PM Begins 02/12
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
Fee:$144 Fee Breakdown
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