Spanish Summer Intensive 7-8

Covering material from Spanish 7, Spanish 8 and Conversation 4, in this course you'll start with the imperfect tense and learn the contrast between the preterit and the imperfect tenses. Next, you'll learn about the past perfect tense, the passive voice and the future and conditional tenses. In Spanish 8, learn the concept of the subjunctive mode (in present tense), regular and irregular conjugations and how to form sentences in the subjunctive mode and when to use the indicative mode versus the subjunctive mode to express your ideas. In the conversation portion, you will practice what you've learned by discussing current events, reading newspaper articles and short stories.

Dates:July 22 - August 2, 2019 Check for other dates
Meets:Two Weeks Mon.-Fri., 9AM-12:15PM Begins 7/22
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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