Spanish Spring Intensive 5-6

Covering material from Spanish 5, Spanish 6 and Conversation 3, in this course will learn to speak in the past tense! Study the regular conjugations of the preterit tense, the use of the prepositions por and para, and direct object pronouns. Spanish 6 continues with past tense by covering the irregular conjugations of the preterit and the irregular conjugations of formal and informal commands. Learn also how to express time with verbs like hacer and llevar and demonstrative pronouns. Our Conversation 3 class will help broaden your vocabulary and strengthen your conversational use of the past tense. Engage with your teacher and classmates in cultural discussions, travel topics and more!

Dates:March 16-27, 2020 Check for other dates
Meets:Two Weeks Mon.-Fri., 9AM-12:15PM Begins 03/16
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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