Recipe for Genius: Practical and Effective Tools for Creating a Thriving Artistic Experience

Consider the possibility that art and innovation come through you rather than from you. If you are not the source of the art, then who or what is? Originally designed to support those in the performing arts, this workshop has been broadened to become a power tool for everyone desiring to explore and develop their creative genius.Peter J. Hughes draws from scientific research, expands on traditional trainings, integrates quantum physics, and applies centuries-old metaphysical and spiritual teachings and techniques to bring a new level of awareness and expanded appreciation to what you already trust to work for your creative process. He introduces you to three profoundly effective tools which can enable you to tap into alignment with your unlimited potential to realize creative genius and produce results that you’ve never before discovered.

Dates:March 28, 2020 Check for other dates
Meets:One Sat., 10AM-3PM 03/28
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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Notes:$12 materials fee payable in class to the instructor

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