Head, Heart or Belly: Where Do You Live?

The head, heart and belly each develop and process information in a unique way. The mind processes through thoughts, ideas and concepts. The heart is compelled by emotions, our own or the emotions of others. The belly responds with gut reactions and action oriented experience. You may be aware of the division of these centers and feel at times like you have three different brains. In this highly experiential workshop we explore the depth and reality of the ways we interact with others and our world, looking at how and why head, heart and belly sometimes function harmoniously and at other times seem to tear us apart. Using movement, music, multimedia, group interaction, and individual contemplation we deepen our understanding of how to bring the three centers into equilibrium. Chris Krueger is a lifelong spiritual practitioner, having been informed by many teachings, such as meditation, breath work, movement practice, and spiritual practices.

Dates:June 8, 2019 Check for other dates
Meets:One Sat., 1-4:30PM 06/08
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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