Change Your Brain to Change Your Life: Neurosculpting for Beginners

Neuroscientists know that you have more brainpower than you will possibly use in your lifetime. Neuroplasticity refers to the way our brains continually change throughout our lives in response to the environment, life experiences, learning, meditation, and more. Join this class and learn the tools of Neurosculpting®, a modality of meditation and brain training that helps you rewrite old thinking patterns, heal from stress and trauma, lessen emotional reactivity, navigate life changes, and maximize your potential. In addition to learning the concepts of Neurosculpting®, you will learn three types of meditation to calm your system, release negative thoughts and emotions, and lock in more positive associations. With a background in corporate training, Becky Wilson is now a certified Neurosculpting® facilitator who is building a practice in alternative wellness.

Dates:July 27, 2019 Check for other dates
Meets:One Sat., 9AM-12N 07/27
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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Notes:Bring a yoga mat or blanket for meditation.

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