Get (and Give) What You Need: Using Emotional Intelligence in Relationships

Is something missing in your relationships? Are you just not connecting at the level you want? This workshop explores how to enrich your interactions, both casual and intimate. The first step is tuning in to the signals from within your body. Once you recognize emotional content in yourself, you can better appreciate and respond to the emotions of others. By reflecting the emotional content that you pick up on in others, you can enrich your connections. We’ll explore the impact of family history on communication and discuss the phenomenon called “upper limits”. We’ll look at the shame-blame dynamic and work to shift from indirect and covert to more direct and clear ways of asking for what we want. Fran Gallaher is an intuitive life coach and the founder of Really Flourish LLC. In individual sessions and workshops, she helps clients connect to their inner selves through direct experience and the discovery of their own, often unrecognized, inner resources and hearts’ desires.

Dates:June 23, 2020 Check for other dates
Meets:One Tue., 6-9PM 06/23
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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