Intro to Practical Self-Defense for Women

Some self-defense classes can actually put women in more danger. If you learn tactics that can hurt an attacker, but not incapacitate them, you may actually fuel the attackers’ aggression. For women who aren’t in a position to train in martial arts, it is better to learn practical strategies that are quick to learn and more simple to use. We will discuss how and why attacks against women most often occur. We’ll cover a number of ways you can avoid attacks and techniques you can use if you are approached or touched. We will demonstrate areas of the body that are sensitive spots that can be used to distract an attacker in order to give you opportunity for escape. David Gould runs Shotokan Karate Dojo and has a background in security work. His goal is not to scare, but to empower by giving you functional techniques that you can add to your repertoire of self-protective skills.

Dates:January 4, 2020 Check for other dates
Meets:One Sat., 10AM-1PM 01/04
Location:AURORA: Peoria & Mississippi Ave
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Notes:$2 materials fee payable in class. Wear comfortable clothing and prepare to be barefoot in class. Dojo has private changing areas. Bring a light snack and water.

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