The Art of Geometry: Create Stunning Drawings with Universal Forms

Geometry is a scaled-down representation of universal order, pure form, and proportion in the natural and cosmic world. The patterns and principles of geometry have been used throughout the ages in art, architecture, and sacred rituals. In this unique workshop you will create beautiful geometric designs using a compass and a ruler. If you are a dabbler, you will have the chance to explore your creativity without needing any previous training. If you are an artist, designer, craftsperson, or mathematician, you will be able to transfer what you learn to revitalize and deepen your interests. Working with geometry can be a contemplative practice that can bring us into direct relationship with our experience and to what Socrates called “ever true.” Marney Babcock studied design at Arapahoe Community College and sacred geometry at the Prince School of Traditional Arts in London and Chartres cathedral in France. She is passionate about sharing what she has learned in seven years of study.

Dates:April 10-17, 2021 Check for other dates
Meets:Two Sat., 1-4PM Begins 04/10 (MT)
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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Notes:Student buys materials (see, approx $120.

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