Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Administration

Please note, the classes that comprise the certificate are in-class, they are not currently available as online courses.
This certificate in nonprofit leadership and administration establishes a foundation for those wanting to work in the nonprofit sector. CFU is not an accredited university and the certificate is not a university degree, but the course of study will enable someone starting out in the not-for-profit world to learn the basics. To earn the certificate, students must complete TEN (10) classes, at least seven (7) coming from the list of Core Courses.

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Core Courses (Take at least 7):

  • How to Start a Nonprofit Organization (#7105)
  • Become a Grant Writer (#3271)
  • How to Create a Business Plan that Works (#3272)
  • Building Your Nonprofit for the Future: Strategic Planning that Works (#7106)
  • The 3 R's of Volunteers: Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition (#7104)
  • Finances and Nonprofits: A Layman's Guide to Financial Statements (#1955)
  • The Keys to a Successful Event: Fundraising for Your Nonprofit (#3281)
  • Building & Developing the Best Board(#3205)
  • Know Thy Donor! Next-Level Fundraising (#3283)
  • Nonprofit Governance & Legal Issues (#3105)
  • Copyrights, Trademarks, & Trade Secrets (#3618)
  • Get in Bed with Your Audience: Public Speaing Made Easy (#3241)
  • Discover Your Talents, Develop Your Strengths (#3226)
  • Writing for the Web (#2068)
  • Search Engine Optimizations Basics (#1988)
  • Branding for Small Business: The 5 Keys to Building Your Brand for Success (#3208)
  • Any CFU business/digital marketing course

Dates:December 31, 2019 Check for other dates
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