Beginning Native American Flute

Have you ever been captivated by the haunting music that plays as you cross the pedestrian bridge to Terminal A at DIA? Maybe you’ve done a meditation or had a massage with flute music in the background. Now you can learn the basics of playing the Native American-style flute. You’ll learn about these flutes, play with other students, and learn about “playing from the heart.” Playing these flutes can be relaxing, healing, and a lot of fun. Tom Farber first fell in love with Native American flute music hiking in Canyon De Chelly and vowed to become proficient. He is an active member of the Mile High Flute Circle. As he shares the deep beauty of this magical instrument he will connect you to the many resources available for players of the “NAF.” Release your musically creative side!

Dates:June 6-27, 2021 Check for other dates
Meets:Four Sun., 10-11:30AM Begins 06/06 (MT)
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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Notes:$40 materials fee payable in class for a Native American flute in key of A. Bring your own music stand. If you have your own flute, bring it and the materials fee will be $10.

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