CFU Membership

CFU has a membership program. Membership is not required to enroll in classes, however you must pay the Non-Member tuition if you choose not to purchase a membership. Non-Member tuitions are usually $12-15 higher per class, so buying a membership can be a real savings if you plan to enroll in more than a couple classes over a year's time.

A CFU membership also allows you to join Space Age Federal Credit Union, 303-369-7666 and gives you special member-only discounts on classes throughout the year.

Choose the membership that is right for you:

  • $25 Individual Membership: This membership entitles you to the member tuition on classes and special events for 12 months (1 year from date of purchase) as well as our weekly e-zine newsletter. You may sign up for an individual membership online. We also have what we call our "Bring-a-friend" benefit with the individual membership. This means that twice within the year of your membership, a friend can register for the same class as you (the member) at the member rate, essentially extending your member benefit to them for that class. This bring-a-friend registration must be done over the phone.
  • $50 Group/Family Membership: Same as the Individual for up to four people. You cannot buy a Group/Family membership online. You must call Registration at 303-399-0093 to set up a Group/Family Membership.
  • $75 Company Membership: Allows an unlimited number of employees, within the same company, to be eligible for the membership rate on classes. You cannot buy a company membership online. Please call Registration at 303-399-0093 to set up a company membership.


A valid credit card will be required for payment. Please have your card information ready.

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