Un-Job Fair™: Options & Strategies for Successful Self-Employment

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Running your own business or nonprofit offers incredible opportunities for freedom and creativity! Still, getting started can be daunting and entrepreneurs often feel like they’re "out there" alone, with no safety net. That's where CFU’s Un-Job Fair comes in. Join like-minded participants and speakers in this high-energy symposium that gives you practical strategies and helpful tools for success in your business, as well as ideas for new ventures to launch. Our team of self-employment and nonprofit experts have all been in the trenches themselves and have real world experience. Nowhere can you get so much information at such an affordable cost. The day begins with keynotes with Barbara Winter, author of Making a Living without a Job and Jennifer Croft, an experienced entrepreneur who has helped thousands of others launch their own businesses. Teri Karjala is a licensed professional counselor and founder and owner of Creative Counseling Center. She will get your blood pumping and your creative juices flowing with an interactive, post-lunch presentation. Throughout the day you’ll choose from a variety of breakout sessions led by CFU teachers giving practical tools targeting your specific needs, whether you're just starting your business or nonprofit or have it up and running.

8:30: Check In

8:50: Welcome

9:00-10:00: Keynote Presentation
Reinventor's Toolkit: How to Put the Odds of Success in Your Favor
You could use trial and error to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Eventually, you’d either get where you wanted to go or you’d give up. Fortunately, there’s a smarter, faster way to create a new life or launch a new enterprise. In this lively talk you’ll be given five power tools for building the life of your dreams. Best of all, you can use these same tools to keep moving you forward, to get unstuck and to make any undertaking an exciting adventure. Barbara Winter is the visionary-in chief at Winning Ways, a training and publishing company she founded to pass along what she's discovered about creative self-employment. Her ground-breaking book, Making a Living Without a Job, has been in print since 1993 and is now out in an updated, twenty-first-century version.
10:00-11:00: Keynote Presentation

Be the Best Boss of You
Are you ready to “fire” your boss and leap into self-employment? If so, you’ll benefit from learning ten tips for how you can be the best boss of you! From managing money to involving other people in your goals and dreams, spotting patterns of success to maintaining focus, these practical, down-to-earth tips will help ensure success. Self-employed since the age of twenty-one, Jennifer Croft has successfully started and run six small businesses. Through teaching and consulting, she has also helped more than 3,000 people start and run their own businesses. These ten tips come straight from her personal experience, as well as firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of hundreds of small businesses. Owner of Croft Communications, Inc., Jennifer now specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses and organizations.

11:10-12:00 --Breakout Session 1

Authentic Credibility: Attract More Clients & Better Strategic Partners by Showcasing Your Best Self
Freelancers, service providers and the newly self-employed all need to quickly get the word out to get new clients and contacts. This workshop will help those of you who hate marketing, are introverted, or who provide a service that is hard to promote. We will explore three practical things you can do right now to make potential clients and contacts more excited about your services. Mari Geasair

From YouTube to Facebook Live and Beyond
Visual content is key for effective digital marketing. Get tips on using video content to highlight your business and increase engagement with your online postings. We’ll also discuss publicity, press photos, and creating GIFs for marketing. Deb Flomberg

Fast Track Business Coaching from a Lawyer/CPA/MBA
Starting a business? You’ll need a business plan, a start-up budget, and an operating budget. You’ll want to identify sources of capital and determine what kind of entity you’ll form. And, then you’ll need to get started with strategic planning so that you’re ready to launch. Get your game plan here. Steve Replin

Perform at Your Best When the Stakes are High
When the stakes are high, how do you manage your fear, stress and anxiety? Do you feel that fear is holding you back from achieving the success you desire? You will learn how the brain functions when it senses danger, and how to use it to your advantage and leave your competition behind. In this fast-paced presentation, participants leave with pragmatic tools to excel when others wilt. Ron Duren

12:00-12:45 Lunch (Bring your own or purchase for $10)

12:50-1:40 Afternoon Keynote Presentation
Unlock, Embrace, and Experience Your Extraordinary!
Entrepreneurs have to be ready to play BIG. This interactive presentation is created to help you break through the barriers that keep you playing small and tap into the incredible possibilities that lie within you. Pulling from various energy concepts in combination with the Law of Attraction, Teri Karjala provides the tools to get you out of your own way and on the road to inspired action.

1:50 -2:40 --Breakout Session 2

Building a Portfolio of Profit Centers
In the olden days of the single lifetime occupation, most of us expected to have a single source of income. For many of us, that led to creating a life within financial boundaries. Self-employment has no such boundaries. In fact, putting together a portfolio of activities that generate cash flow puts you in charge of your time and your money in ways you may never have done before. Barbara Winter

10 Tips for Financial Success in Business
Get practical tips from a seasoned business and tax consultant and a virtual assistant specialist on ways to make your business more prosperous and efficient. Topics include budgeting, LLC vs. sole proprietorships, easy ways to manage your business finances, building credit for your business, reasons for hiring a virtual assistant, tax deductions, and more. Carla Vaughn and Arias Carroll

3 Big Branding Mistakes That Destroy Profits & the Secret to Fixing Them
Worried your brand reputation has gotten away from you? Frustrated because you look and sound like everyone else in your industry? Take time now to understand how a strong brand can build influence and impact your business in a big way! Emilie Hagny-Downs

Increase Your Google Ranking with a Digital Marketing Plan
In this fast-paced session, you'll get more than 50 tips on how to get noticed online, including how to write compelling content, unique blogs, engaging social media posts, newsletters, press releases, media advisories, and more. You'll leave with an actionable digital marketing plan to reach your target audience by using these tips immediately. Jules Marie

2:45-3:35 -Breakout Session 3

3 Steps to Creating EPIC Sales and Success in Your Business
Learn to leverage the powers of inspiration, influence and impact in building and maintaining your business. In this fun and interactive session, we will look at your attitudes and beliefs as well as introduce you to some powerful and easy to use tools that will help you to increase sales and overall productivity. Carl Swanson

Target Your Marketing
For most small businesses, marketing eats up large amounts of time and money that may yield little or no results. Learn how to identify the best target markets for your business—the people and/or businesses that are the most likely to buy your products and services. Get the keys to your marketing, so you can grow your business more quickly and effectively. Jennifer Croft

Key Project Management Skills to Help You Manage Your Own Business
Using project management skills to efficiently manage your business will help you prioritize tasks, schedule resources, and manage budgets. Learn how to turn facets of your business into measurable projects, helping you to achieve milestones and gauge overall business success. We will discuss what parts of your business you can manage as projects and review tools, such as the work breakdown structure to familiarize you with key project management tools. Allyn Bader Barclay

What Motivates You?
As a self-employed entrepreneur, it can be difficult to maintain interest and motivation. Why are some tasks engaging while others seem so unmotivating? This session incorporates new studies and science to explore how individuals can help shift their motivational basis, with the outcomes of increased productivity, engagement, purpose, and fulfillment. Wendy Hauser

3:40-4:30: Wrap-Up & Presenters Q & A
Barbara, Jennifer and Teri will make closing remarks and then join a panel to answer questions from participants. This can be one of the best parts of the day, so be sure to stay!

Dates:June 17, 2017 Check for other dates
Meets:One Sat., 8:30AM-4:30PM 06/17
Location:CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
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